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Join me in this ArtVenture class where you will get to create a mixed media portrait, using various mixed media techniques. As a mixed media artist, I have dedicated many years in trying to understand the key elements that will assure getting artwork to what I consider a ‘pleasing result’. In this class we will be covering the very basic key elements that will lead any of your future artwork to be harmonious and pleasing to look at, with a strong composition and coherent narrative. After this class I am confident that words like, composition, focal point, 3D layering, contrast, rule of three etc.- will become part of your artistic tool bag, and you will understand the power of using these tools for your own artistic needs. Completing this class will make you a ‘mixed media whisperer’.

So, what will we be doing?

We are going to create a mixed media portrait canvas in my own personal artistic style. Each of you will be getting my own Sharon Ziv exclusive art work in ‘a ready to use’ format for our transfer technique. Together we will create amazing artwork, but we will also go through the fundamental tools you need in order to create more of your own artwork in the future. You will learn to understand the canvas space. Also, you will plan and come up with an esthetic strategy to build a harmonious strong composition. We will take under consideration simple esthetic rules that you will easily apply in this class and in any of your future projects. In order to do so you will also be getting an amazing kit full of goodies which I curated especially for this class.

Download Links to Class Supply Lists will be Posted in each Classroom.

Sharon Ziv

Class – Mixed Media Whisperings

May 7, 2022 @ 9:00 AM PDT

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